A carpenter is a construction worker who specializes in wood structures.

Carpenter's License


If you plan to work as a carpenter, you may want to learn more about the requirements for getting a license in your area. Each state has different requirements for carpenters. In Arizona, for example, you must have four years of experience and have passed two tests that measure your knowledge of carpentry and business management. If you’re looking to work as a general contractor, you may also need to get a business license. Obtaining a carpenter’s license is not a difficult process. It only requires a few hundred dollars for the test and application, but many states require you to get a surety bond, which is a legal agreement between you and a business that ensures your compliance with state regulations. 

Surety Bonds

Surety bonds are important for contractors because they ensure that you won’t be financially responsible if something goes wrong. However, be warned that surety bonds can be expensive–in some states, you may have to pay up to $10,000 for the bond.


In Montana, carpenters are considered construction contractors. Therefore, they must register with the Department of Labor and Industry (DLI), and have insurance.


If you plan to work as a carpenter in Tennessee, you must obtain a Home Improvement Contractor License.


This license does not require a written exam, but it does require that you have at least three years of experience in the industry.


In California, carpenters must also register as contractors with the State Board of Contractors (SBC). For more information, check out the Contractors State License Board of California’s website. It provides helpful information on requirements and an example of a carpenter license exam guide. In addition to a carpenter license, you should carry a general liability insurance policy.

General Contractor

You can also get a general contractor license, which allows you to hire carpenters to help with construction projects.


Carpentry license requirements vary by state. Some states do not require any prior education, while others require that you take training and pass a trade exam.


The only states that do not require any training to become a carpenter are Arizona and Nevada. In these states, you must also pass a test in business and law.


The work of carpenters also includes repairing and installing kitchen cabinets. They must work to meet building codes, and measure materials correctly.

Carpenters Work

Most carpenters work full time, but they may also be required to work on weekends and evenings to meet deadlines. Inclement weather and extreme temperatures can also affect the pace of a building construction project.

Salary Varies

A carpenter’s salary varies widely from state to state, and the cost of living is a major factor in the hourly rate. The average hourly rate depends on the market demand for skilled carpentry labor and other factors. A carpenter who has completed an apprenticeship will be given a certification as a journeyperson. Then they adjust their bids as needed.As the construction industry continues to grow, so will the job opportunities for carpenters. However, these opportunities will vary from region to region. Those who have a basic knowledge of carpentry tools and basic carpentry will have better prospects. 

It's important to note that there are periods of unemployment in the construction industry, but overall the outlook is good.