A carpenter is a construction worker who specializes in wood structures.

Local Carpenter

Job Description

A job description for a carpenter should include the title of the job, its requirements and responsibilities, and any qualifications for the position. A good description will help potential candidates determine whether they are suitable for the position. You can find an example of a carpenter job description on Monster.Carpenters are skilled artisans who create, install, repair, and maintain wooden structures. They use hand and power tools to cut, shape, and fasten building materials. They also review blueprints to determine the right materials needed for a particular job. They follow local building codes to ensure the safety of their work. 


They are responsible for installing doors, staircases, and other wooden elements in buildings and other structures. They work with high-quality wood and state-of-the-art tools to complete their projects.

To succeed

To succeed in this field, applicants must be dependable, hardworking, and able to understand what their clients need.

Organizational Skills

They must also have excellent organizational skills and have prior experience in carpentry. They must also be creative and patient.


Carpentry is a skilled profession, which requires exceptional customer service and an intricate knowledge of mathematics.

Finishing Concrete

Carpenters also perform other tasks, such as finishing concrete and installing windows. These jobs are not mandatory, but are helpful for a company. Some carpenters specialize in restoring historical buildings or building stage sets. Others choose to create their own businesses and train other carpenters. In many cases, a carpenter can progress to a wider role, where they manage a team and oversee the construction site as a whole.

Hourly Rate

The hourly rate of a local carpenter can vary widely. Some carpenters are self-employed and set their own rates.


Others work for homeowners, and charge by the project, so that both the carpenter and homeowner can determine exactly how much the job will cost.


To find out the average carpenter salary in your area, you can consult the state union carpenters association.


They will also provide information on union dues, benefits, and hours of work. You can also check the website of the St.


Louis-Kansas City Carpenters Regional Council for a current wage rate in the area. Another union that publishes hourly carpenter wages is the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America Local Union 22 in San Francisco.

Typically Learn

A carpenter will typically learn the basics of carpentry through on-the-job training or an apprenticeship. During this time, they will develop their skills and learn how to use power and hand tools. They will often start off doing simple tasks, like cutting wood, under the supervision of a more experienced carpenter. Over time, they will move on to more complex tasks such as reading blueprints and building wooden structures.

Construction carpenters earn good salaries. They can work on a wide range of projects, from constructing a bridge to building a highway.